Additional Publications

Encyclopedia of Pathbreaking Women

Women's basketball team and Karen Holbrook
1919 Championship Women's Basketball Team and first and only Ohio State University woman president, Karen Holbrook

An Encyclopedia of Pathbreaking Women at The Ohio State University helps preserve the history of women at The Ohio State University. We are defining women as pathbreakers if while at Ohio State as a student, faculty, or staff member they in some way served as catalysts for institutional change to expand opportunities for women at the university. They may have been actively involved in diversity efforts or held significant leadership positions. To find a specific pathbreaking woman, check the table of contents or use Acrobat Reader's search function. If you have any information to add, corrections to the content, or photos, please contact us at

Flexible Work Loads for Tenure Track Faculty

Flexible Work Loads for Tenure Track Faculty, President's Council on Women.

Retaining Female Tenure-Track Assistant Professors

Retaining Female Tenure-Track Assistant Professors: A Descriptive Evaluation of the Faculty Cohort Project Conducted at The Ohio State University, by Dr. Jill Ellingson, Dr. Arnon Reichers, Janice Malloy, and Kyra Sutton.

Guide for full professors and TIU chairs/directors

Providing Leadership for Faculty Promotion

This guide for full professors and TIU chairs/directors provides a wide range of suggestions, gathered from people across campus and experts outside the university, on the issue of supporting promotion to full professor. Within individual tenure initiating units (TIUs), the faculty and the chair/director have a shared responsibility to support associate professors in preparing for promotion to full professor. Within this shared responsibility, there are specific actions that can be taken by full professors as a whole (the group that constitutes the eligible faculty for voting in promotion cases), by the promotion and tenure committee and its chair, and by the chair/director. This guide highlights many of these suggestions as best practices for each of these groups.

Moving forward in your faculty career

Moving Forward in Your Faculty Career

This promotion guide for associate professors provides ideas about how to move forward from associate to full professor. The information came from the observations and experiences of faculty, university wide, as well as other experts outside the university. The suggestions presented in this brochure are a collection of ideas to consider as you prepare to move to the next level in your faculty career.