Advocates & Allies for Equity - Advocates and Allies Advisory Council

The Advocates & Allies Advisory Council (AAAC) is composed of faculty and staff who want to help further gender and minority equity at Ohio State.

The Advocates & Allies for Equity initiative draws on the experience, subject expertise, and counsel of the Advocates & Allies Advisory Council (AAAC). Members of the AAAC act as ambassadors for the program on and off campus, including by promoting “communities of practice” among allies interested in continuing their learning about gender equity. Council members serve for two continuous years and may be reappointed for one two-year term.

Photo of Jennifer Beard, Director of the Women's Place
TITLE: Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives
UNIT: College of Public Health
Image of Diane Florian, Communications & Project Manager at The Women's Place
TITLE: Communications & Project Manager
UNIT: The Women's Place, ODI, Office of Academic Affairs
Portrait of Maya Iyer
TITLE: Pediatric Physician
UNIT: Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Nationwide Children's Hospital
Image of Tracy Kitchel, Department Chair and Professor, Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership (ACEL)
TITLES: Senior Associate Dean; Director of Faculty and Staff Affairs
UNITS: CFAES; Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership (ACEL)
Image of Leon McDougle, Chief Diversity Officer, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Wexner Medical Center, Department of Family Medicine
TITLES: Chief Diversity Officer; Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion; Associate Professor; Director
UNITS: Wexner Medical Center; Department of Family Medicine; MEDPATH Premedical Postbaccalaureate Program
Portrait of Debbie Pond
TITLE: Program Director
UNIT: Faculty Affairs, The Center for FAME, College of Medicine
Portrait of Melissa Ross
TITLE: Associate Director of Research Partnerships and Impacts
UNIT: Center on Education and Training for Employment, College of Education and Human Ecology
Portrait of Andrea Williams
TITLE: Director
UNIT: The Women's Place, ODI, Office of Academic Affairs
Portrait of Athena Yiamouyiannis
TITLE: Manager, Academic Advising
UNIT: Department of Mathematics, College of Arts & Sciences