Our Strategic Goals and Guiding Principles

All people deserve an equitable environment. In the absence of this, gender powerfully affects experience and opportunity. And for some, sexism intersects with and is amplified by other oppressions. It is necessary to create constructive, system-wide change, not just to enable individual women to cope with the challenges of an environment where inequity exists but to free all genders from the constraints of stereotypes and bias.

Strategic Goals

Crowd with one woman in focus

First and foremost, our goal is to catalyze systemic change. 

We apply a critical gender analysis of policies and practices to identify barriers to recruitment, retention and advancement of women and actively lead change efforts.

Guiding Principles

We work in partnership with units across the campus — not to solve problems for these units, but to help them identify and remove barriers to the recruitment, retention and advancement of women. Utilizing current research and data, we make recommendations and will intervene when necessary.

Through collaborative decision-making approaches, we serve as a model to other units on campus; these approaches emphasize open, democratic and respectful ways of working together that foster true dialogue and mutual understanding. We are a safe haven for individuals and units to seek resources for identifying problems and finding constructive solutions.

We are focused on the future and informed by the past.


What Does The Women's Place Mean to You?

In honor of The Women's Place 20th Anniversary, Jamie Mathews-Mead, Wendy Smooth and Cynthia Callahan share what The Women's Place means to them.