Staff advancing, enhancing leadership skills

Congratulations to The Women's Place Staff Leadership Series 2022-23 cohort for completing the series in August and to staff selected for the 2023-24 cohort, which begins in October.
Diverse group of 20 women dressed in business casual clothes posing for the photo
Members of the 2022-23 Staff Leadership Series cohort (Twhila Holley, Tiffany Ortman, Karissa Wess and Thalia Wynne not pictured.)

Ohio State University staff are working hard to advance their leadership skills.

The staff listed below who participated in the 2022-23 cohort of The Women's Place Staff Leadership Series (SLS) completed the program in August 2023. Now they are better prepared to advance and take on new leadership roles and responsibilities.

The SLS is a 12-month, experiential program hosted by The Women's Place that enhances leadership capacity; cultivates supportive professional networks; and facilitates skills development to help staff become more effective, innovative and inclusive leaders. It creates a pool of potential staff leaders from groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in key leadership roles.

SLS graduates are equipped with relevant skills for the following:

  • Leveraging personal strengths of self and others for effective leadership
  • Relating to people and conducting difficult conversations
  • Coaching peers and direct reports effectively using multiple techniques
  • Strategizing to successfully deal with interpersonal and environmental demands
  • Delegating and project management
  • Cultivating an inclusive environment in which diversity is valued
  • Conducting inclusive conversations, building effective teams, and solving problems

Members of the 2022-23 cohort are uniquely qualified for higher education administration at Ohio State and to cultivate a more equitable environment, a culture in which all can thrive.

    Three women with aprons on prepare food with more women preparing food in the background
    Members of the 2022-23 cohort prepare a meal together as a team building exercise during their final session.

    Since its founding, SLS has trained more than 300 staff who have emerged as leaders both here at Ohio State and elsewhere in higher education. Alumni of the program represent all colleges, medical and academic campuses, and five regional campuses. Some of the most notable alumni of the program now occupy positions such as associate vice president, assistant dean and assistant vice provost.

    Members of the 2023-24 group, the 17th SLS cohort (also listed below), have taken on this leadership challenge. These staff, who were selected through a competitive application process, are excited to begin the next year of leadership training.

    Through the SLS, the university has greater access to leaders who bring diverse ideas and perspectives, enthusiasm, and ingenuity to their work environments. Please consider the following trained and motivated staff, along with previous graduates, for leadership positions in your units and colleges.


    2022-23 Staff Leadership Series Graduates



    Title and Department/Unit

    Tracey Boggs


    DEI Consultant, Human Resources/Leadership Development and Organization Effectiveness

    Angella Brown


    Associate Manager, Business Operations, EHE Office of Finance & Business Services

    Toni Calbert


    Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences

    Karess Gilcrease


    Early Student Engagement Coordinator, College of Engineering - Diversity, Outreach and Inclusion Office

    Megan Hasting


    Program Manager, Glenn College of Public Affairs, Professional Development Unit

    Twhila Holley


    Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Student Services

    April Homolak


    Business Operations Manager, Department of Human Sciences

    Jaimi Knisley


    Registration and Records Specialist, College of Medicine 
    Student Affairs

    Deepa Krishnan


    Senior Research Associate-B/H, College of Pharmacy, Instrumentation Center

    Laura Lewis


    Assistant Director, OSU Suicide Prevention Program

    Jeanine Linkenhoker


    Learning and Development Senior Analyst, Office of the University Bursar

    Shalonda Mason


    Patient Access Coordinator Lead, Musculoskeletal Gahanna

    Corinne Matyas


    Manager, Academic Advising, Biomedical Engineering

    Tiffany Mitchell


    Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator, Student Engagement

    Tiffany Ortman


    Specialty Practice Pharmacist Lead, Ambulatory Care, Pharmacy

    Julia Panzo


    Education Program Manager, Orthopedics

    Natalia Sangster


    Administrative Associate - P&T Coordinator, Neurological Surgery

    Katie Stanutz


    Undergraduate Program Manager, Department of English

    Brittany Ward


    MSW Program Assistant Director, College of Social Work

    Karissa Wess


    Business Operations Manager, Sociology

    Thalia Wynne


    Physical Therapist, Ambulatory Services - Healthy New Albany

    Athena Yiamouyiannis


    Manager, Academic Advising, Mathmatics

    2023-24 Staff Leadership Series Cohort

    Angela Adams


    Executive Assistant, Engineering Administration

    Sophia Antoun


    DEI Education Program Specialist, The Office of Inclusive Excellence

    Jennifer Baughman


    Director, Central Sterile Supply

    La Tina Bebout


    Executive Assistant to Associate Dean of Academic Affair, College of Engineering

    Morgan Blumenfeld


    Care Manager embedded at Student Health Services, Counseling and Consultation Service

    Kendra Boggs


    Coordinator of Student Financial Aid Student Success Administration, Student Life

    Diana Burdette


    Sr. Grants and Contacts Specialist, College of Medicine Grants Management Office

    Uma Chaudhary


    Food Service Manager, Nutrition Services

    Autumn Davis Hammonds


    Athletic Trainer, Sports Medicine Administration

    Sandra Dawkins


    Director of Admissions and Recruitment/Staff Director DEIB, College of Veterinary Medicine

    Christina Dierkes


    Content Strategist, College of Arts and Sciences-Marketing & Communications

    Stacey Dorr


    Director, Strategic Marketing and Communications, College of Education and Human Ecology

    Lisa Frazier


    Senior Researcher (researcher 4), John Glenn College | Battelle Center

    Frida Gillespie


    Assistant Director, Housing and Residence Education

    Indra Leyva Cook


    Associate Director,  Belonging and Student Support, Center for Belonging and Social Change- Office of Student Life

    Brianna Johnson


    Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion/Chief Diversity Officer, Dean/Director's Office

    Crista Marbley


    Faculty Affairs Analyst, Office of Faculty Affairs, College of Medicine

    Melissa Metz


    Manager - Facility Assessment Team, Facilities, Operations, and Development

    Natalie Mustard


    Patient Accounting Manager, Patient Accounting - Revenue Cycle

    Mitsu Narui


    Director of Institutional Efffectiveness and Assessment, Institutional Research and Planning

    Kia Parker


    Infection Preventionist, Clinical Epidemiology

    Kathryn Passen


    Director, Undergraduate Student Career Development, Office of Career Management, Fisher College of Business

    Nicole Pizarro


    Instructional Designer, OAA Distance Learning

    Lucia Rosas


    Research Scientist, Department of Veterinary Biosciences

    Megan Sayres


    Assistant Director, College of Medicine, Alumni Affairs

    Tonya Schmauder


    Clinical Lead Psychotherapist, Harding Hospital Ambulatory Services

    Joanna Spanos


    Advising Manager, Arts and Sciences Honors Advising

    Aaron Whitfield


    Program Coordinator, The Todd A. Bell National Resource Center