President & Provost's Council on Women - 2015 Glass Breakers

Paths to Leadership

To celebrate Women's History Month, the President and Provost's Council on Women is highlighting female leadership at Ohio State. Culture survey responses have illustrated that women staff members at Ohio State often lack a well-defined career path. Therefore, we are shining the spotlight on how successful women found their way into their leadership roles. Each feature shares a unique story, with valuable insight for women looking to make their own mark on the world.


Image of Molly Calhoun, Associate Vice President for Student Life

Molly R. Calhoun
Associate Vice President
Student Life

Learn about Molly's career journey.


Image of Julie Carpenter-Hubin, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research and Planning

Julie Carpenter-Hubin
Assistant Vice President
Institutional Research and Planning

Learn about Julie's career journey.


Image of Wanda Dillard

Wanda Dillard
Director of Community Development
Wexner Medical Center

Learn about Wanda's career journey.


Image of Lisa Durham, Assistant Dean for Community Engagement, Office of Social Work

Lisa Durham
Assistant Dean for Community Engagement
College of Social Work

Learn about Lisa's career journey.


Image of Liv Gjestvang, Associate Vice President, Office of Distance Education and eLearning

Liv Gjestvang
Associate Vice President
Learning Technology
Office of Distance Education and eLearning

Learn about Liv's career journey.


Image of Katie Hall, Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Katie Hall
Chief of Staff
Office of the President

Learn about Katie's career journey.


Image of Linda Montano, Senior Director of Business, Office of International Affairs

Linda Montaño
Senior Director of Business Operations and Administration
Office of International Affairs

Learn about Linda's career journey.


Image of Beth NeCamp, Chief Communications Officer, Wexner Medical Center

Beth NeCamp
Chief Communications Officer
Wexner Medical Center

Learn about Beth's career journey.


Image of Kimberly Shumate, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer, Wexner Medical Center, Associate Vice President for Human Resources Administration and Operations

Kimberly C. Shumate
Interim Chief Human Resources Officer
Wexner Medical Center
Associate Vice President
Human Resources Administration and Operations

Learn about Kimberly's career journey.


Image of Amy Thaci, Director, Engineering Career Services, College of Engineering

Amy Thaci
Director of Engineering Career Services
College of Engineering

Learn about Amy's career journey.