Advocates & Allies for Equity Ally Workshop

Three men wearing business casual clothing sitting next to each other listening intently with two men blurred in the foreground.
Mar 7, 2024
Time: Thursday 2-4pm
The Women's Place
Registration closed: Mar 7, 2024
Registration closed: Mar 7, 2024

The Women's Place invites male* allies to help create a more inclusive and equitable culture for women and minoritized groups at Ohio State. In this virtual workshop led by male campus leaders/Advocates, learn about gender bias and microaggressions, the skills and strategies to interrupt them, and ways to contribute to positive changes on Ohio State's campuses.

Ally workshops are part of the Advocates & Allies for Equity initiative launched by The Women's Place and partners in November 2016. This NSF, evidence-based initiative involves male leaders, or Advocates, convening to develop male Allies into a cross-campus network in support of advancing women and underrepresented faculty and staff.

Why Ally Workshops Focus on Men

To better involve men in the collective efforts towards culture change, the Advocates & Allies workshops focus on encouraging men* to take greater responsibility for interrupting everyday and structural inequities. As the primary participants in this program, male colleagues share and learn while holding each other accountable for growth. Led by and for men, these sessions aim to offer a safe and supportive space for participating in critical conversations. It’s an environment where men, often for the first time, can openly explore their questions, confusions, hopes and concerns related to diversity issues in their organizations.

If you have questions about accessibility or wish to request additional accommodations, please contact Typically two weeks' notice will allow us to provide access.

*We welcome transgender and nonbinary people who feel comfortable in a setting focused on men’s transformational learning to participate as both Advocates and Allies.