Critical Difference for Women - F.A.Q

How do I apply for a scholarship or grant, and what is the deadline to apply?

Each fund has a page that explains criteria needed to apply and information on the application process. More information is available on the Funds page.

Whom do I contact with questions about Re-entry Scholarships/Research on Women Grants/Professional Development Grants?

Questions about a specific fund should be directed to that fund chair, except for Re-entry Scholarships. Contact Student Financial Aid with questions about these scholarships. Contact information can be found by going to the Grants & Scholarships page and selecting the fund that interests you.

Can I apply for a re-entry scholarship if I am already in school but meet all the other requirements for the scholarship?

Yes, all students of The Ohio State University, whether current or prospective, can apply for the scholarships.

What is the process for determining who receives a Re-entry Scholarship/Research on Women Grant/Professional Development Grant?

Each scholarship and grant has specific eligibility and selection criteria. Grant decisions are made by volunteer committees knowledgable about the fund and the mission of Critical Difference for Women. When possible, past recipients participate in the process.

How can I donate to Critical Difference for Women?

There are many ways you can help advance education, careers, and research for women at Ohio State through CDW. Visit our Donate page for all the details.