News and Events

FEB 5, 2023
Join Beauty Boost for an evening to cultivate, manifest and connect with other women on your goals for 2023.
FEB 7, 2023
Join the Buckeye Baby Team to discuss what to expect during this time of pregnancy as well as post-partum support and resources. Parents to be will have the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with others during the session.
FEB 7, 2023
Despite acceptance by most Americans, LGBTQIA+ rights are under assault. In 2022 a U.S. Supreme Court Justice suggested same sex marriage was unconstitutional, and state legislatures around the country targeted transgender rights. A mass shooting occurred at a gay nightclub in Colorado. A planned Drag Storytime in Columbus attracted armed protesters from a white nationalist organization. This event will examine the state of LGBTQIA+ rights and the debate over gender-affirming medical care.
FEB 8, 2023
Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD) presents "Connect for Success – The 6 Be’s of Networking" with Julie Holbein, Vice President of Talent Development, Big Lots! Julie will share six ways to be that will lay the foundation for networking success.
FEB 8, 2023
Join the Association of Staff and Faculty Women's (ASFW) panel of Ohio State leadership and mentorship experts as they discuss how to find mentors, how to be a mentor, and best practices for understanding the value and limits of mentorship relationships.
FEB 8, 2023
The Zora’s House Writing Circle is a monthly collective of women of color writers, each committed to a specific writing project or regular writing practice. Regardless of your genre or skill level, if you’re a woman of color with a penchant for the written word, this safe, supportive, productive space has your name written all over it!
FEB 9, 2023
Zora's House collaborates with Survivors Not Victims in bi-weekly healing sessions for women of color, providing safe space for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse to engage in vulnerable conversations while connecting with other women who have similar experiences.
FEB 14, 2023
Join the Buckeye Baby Team to for tips related to chest/breast feeding, lactation support and chest/breast pump information and additional resources for parents to be.
FEB 16, 2023
Join Zora's House for a six-week writing workshop series primarily for Black women, WOC, and femmes. Participants will leave with a new way to understand the relationship between their faith and writing as well as new approaches to critically reading past and contemporary Black writers. Thursdays from February 16-March 30.