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Request a Facilitation

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Goal of the Initiative

To help create a more equitable environment and advance the professional interests of women faculty and staff and other underrepresented groups in your unit/department, we invite you to participate in the Ohio State Advocates & Allies for Equity initiative. This program is designed to bring men further into the gender equity equation by building a cross-campus network of male Allies who share an understanding of the effects of implicit bias and systematic privilege and to introduce specific practical actions to help men better support women at the university.

How to Achieve the Goal

Allies are men willing to identify themselves as Allies of women faculty and staff. They become Allies by attending and participating in a two-hour facilitated conversation with other men, which is lead by the Advocates, senior faculty and administrative men who already have a substantial record of supporting women staff and faculty.

These facilitations will expose the men to ways of better identifying and behaving as Allies in gender equity. In addition, the Advocates will share evidence-based knowledge, skills and strategies to effect positive personal, departmental and institutional change at the facilitations.

After participating in a facilitation, Allies commit to understand the issues, adopt specific approaches and behaviors, and ultimately extend the benefits of privilege and influence to women and underrepresented minorities in their departments/units and beyond.

Why Facilitations Include Only Men

The faciliations include only men because a fear of making mistakes, being blamed or being judged by women can keep men from participating in university-sponsored events and discussions related to issues of gender and diversity. Offering Allies facilitations for men only provides a safe and supportive space that is vital to their success. Safety fuels participation in difficult conversations. It’s an environment where men, often for the first time, can openly explore their questions, confusions, hopes, and concerns related to “diversity issues” in their organizations.

How Both Men and Women Can Get Involved

If you would like your department/unit to participate in helping to change the culture at Ohio State, submit an Ally facilitation request below. The Women's Place will email you within 7 days after you submit your request and guide you through the simple process of scheduling a facilitation for men in your department.