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Leadership Programs

The Women's Place (TWP) is committed to expanding opportunities for women's growth, leadership and power at the university. We have created two leadership programs to promote long-term leadership development for staff and faculty. We also assist faculty and staff in attending external leadership programs.

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TWP's President and Provost's Leadership Institute (PPLI)

TWP's Staff Leadership Series (SLS)

Higher Education Resource Services (HERS)

Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA)

The President and Provost's Leadership Institute

Three women in conversation
PPLI participants doing outdoor team exercise

The President and Provost's Leadership Institute (PPLI) focuses on long-term faculty leadership development. The primary goals of the institute are to create a pool of potential leaders from groups that traditionally have been underrepresented in key leadership roles and to develop leaders who can create a culture that is supportive of all faculty members.

Successful academic leaders create a productive place for everyone to work. They must be able to motivate people to work well together; academic leaders rarely exercise their full authority, relying instead on the leadership skills of persuasion, coaching, and achieiving consensus. The institute focuses on the nature of effective leadership rather than on the tasks for which academic leaders are responsible. This 18-month program is designed to allow participants to engage in self-assessment and professional development. The leadership institute utilizes a variety of learning experiences, including:

  • A series of self-assessments with associated group workshops to help participants understand themselves better and to learn more about interacting with others unlike themselves.
  • A series of experiential workshops with special attention to conflict, negotiation and difficult conversations.
  • Small group, interactive lunches with university leaders.
  • Lunch presentations by university leaders.
  • Opportunities to apply for faculty associate positions with The Women’s Place and for further leadership training opportunities.

The Ohio State University created The Women's Place (TWP) "to make OSU a cutting edge institution which supports and develops women's opportunities for achievement." The Women's Place was "designed to be a mechanism to influence critical institutional policies that impact women and the environment for women."

As part of its mission to create a climate conducive to women's opportunities for achievement, The Women's Place, under the auspices of the Office of Academic Affairs, and in collaboration with the Office of Human Resources, in 2005 began offering a leadership training program—The President and Provost's Leadership Institute—that focuses on long-term faculty leadership development.

The institute participants will be tenure-track or clinical-track faculty members (associate or full professors) who do not currently hold significant leadership positions, but who may be in a position to do so within two to five years. Up to 24 faculty can participate in each version of the institute. Each college, regional campus, and the libraries will be guaranteed one participant. The deans and director of the libraries will choose who participates from their units.

The primary goal of the institute is to create a pool of potential leaders from groups that traditionally have been underrepresented in key leadership roles, and in particular in the role of department chairs and school directors. For most units this will be women and underrepresented minorities. However, majority men are welcome to be participants.

List of Institute Graduates

Evaluation of Past PPLI programs

Faculty Associates Program 2014-15

The Women's Place Staff Leadership Series (SLS)

Staff Leadership Series workshop with instructor in front of group
Staff Leadership Series orientation with group of women outside clapping and smiling

The Staff Leadership Series (SLS) is an initiative specifically for staff women at the university who are interested in both skill building and leadership development activities to develop and enhance their leadership abilities. The Women's Place (TWP) is committed to expanding opportunities for women's growth, leadership, and power at the university.

With this goal informing our efforts, the year-long leadership series will provide experiential leadership skills building that will expand leadership capacity, cultivate professional development, and create a pool of potential staff leaders from groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in key leadership roles. Participants will meet regularly for workshops and group discussions, learning from guest facilitators and self-reflection. They will also have the opportunity for informal group gatherings with senior staff women at the university and peer mentoring.

The SLS brings the One University concept to life by diminishing internal boundaries, promoting sharing of information, and facilitating university-wide teamwork.

The Women's Place will soon be accepting nominations/applications for the 2016-17 Staff Leadership Series. Nominate someone or apply for this opportunity to become a more effective and innovative leader.

Participant Criteria and Commitments:
  • A minimum of 2 years employment at OSU
  • $750 program fee to help defray program expenses (actual cost per participant is higher)*
  • A full day retreat in September addressing culture principles, teambuilding, and an orientation to the SLS
  • Monthly workshops and gatherings (3-4.5 hours each) from fall 2016 - summer 2017
  • A final gathering and celebration event in August 2017
  • Additional tasks and meetings at varying times

*Staff managers applying for the SLS are eligible to receive a Staff Manager Development Grant from Human Resources for program fee payment.

To learn who is part of the SLS community, download the list of graduates: SLS Participants 2005-2014

Evaluation of Past SLS programs

Higher Education Resource Services (HERS)

Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) is an educational non-profit providing leadership and management development for women in higher education administration. In the past thirty-five years, HERS has provided leadership and management programs for more than 4000 women in higher education.

Group of four women involved in a discussionThe Summer Institute, a partnership between HERS and Bryn Mawr College and the University of Denver, is a premier, two-week residential professional development program. The intensive curriculum allows participants to gain skills and perspectives they can put to use immediately, while also building a national network for continuing exchange of information and expertise.

The curriculum covers:

  • Understanding the higher education environment
  • Planning and leading change in the academy
  • Managing and investing strategic resources
  • Engaging individual and institutional diversity
  • Mapping your leadership development

Each year, Ohio State sends several faculty and staff women to the HERS institute, which attracts a diverse group of women administrators and faculty from the U.S., Canada, and Africa. Ohio State women are selected to attend the institute through a competitive application process and are supported by The Women’s Place, Office of the President, and their respective unit leaders. HERS institute participants are also supported by a generous endowment fund from Kathryn T. Schoen that was created to provide professional growth, leadership, and career enhancement for female administrators or faculty considering careers in university administration. Learn more about Kathryn Schoen in the Pathbreakers document.

HERS Bryn Mawr Summer Institute 2016
Concentrated Immersion Format
]uly 11 - 23, 2016

HERS Denver Summer Institute 2016
Concentrated Immersion Format
June 13 - 25, 2016

Financial Assistance

To be considered for financial assistance, applicants must meet the following requirements:

    • Faculty: have achieved associate or full professor rank
    • Staff: be currently serving in a leadership capacity (managing staff or equivalent)

Learn more about HERS

List of HERS participants

Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA)

The Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA) Institute offers programs that are a resource for leaders and entrepreneurs who are seeking creative solutions to complex, systemic challenges.

Group of people holding dowel rods between them with their fingersALIA programs integrate innovative, intensive skill-building with rigorous leadership practices that cultivate personal and collective awareness, authentic presence, and courage. This integration creates a strong foundation for collaborative solutions and transformational change. ALIA programs also integrate the principles and practices of the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations.

Learn more about the institute and ALIA.

The Women's Place supports this leadership program by practicing its principles, offering training in the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations, and by offering Ohio State faculty and staff financial assistance to attend ALIA programs. Contact womensplace@osu.edu if you are interested in attending.

Ohio State has a growing ALIA community; download a list of those who have attended ALIA programs: Ohio State ALIA attendees

Applications are generally accepted just prior to fall quarter.

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