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Included below are child care resources available at The Ohio State University:

The Ohio State University Child Care Program provides quality, developmentally appropriate early education for the children of university students, faculty and staff. Ohio State is proud to offer this program as a department of the Office of Human Resources.

The OSU Nisonger Early Childhood Center offers a full-day childcare center with quality care, education, and a team of dedicated professionals that will enhance the emotional and physical health of your child in an environment designed to meet the needs of all children.

The OSU Parental Care Guidebook supports the university’s interest in recruiting and retaining the best employees and is designed to help faculty and staff better understand university policies, procedures and philosophy as they relate to pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, foster care and child care issues. The information contained in this guidebook is meant to be explanatory and does not replace current policies, which are found at the Human Resources website.

The North Central State-OSU-Mansfield Child Development Center is a high quality child care program serving OSU-M and North Central State student parents and teacher training programs. The program promotes social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language, and creative development, as well as cultural awareness to support children as resourceful learners.

The A. Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning is a licensed child development program located within the Department of Education and Human Ecology. Sophie Rogers focuses on the the whole child through physical, social-emotional, and cogntitive creative development, and is located at the Schoenbaum Family Center at Weinland park.

List of lactation spaces found throughout the university, all campuses.